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Direct Mail Services

With the state of the art equiptment and professionals we have at Worldmail, we are able to offer direct mail services for your business including Machine Envelope Insertion, Hand Envelopes Insertion, Poly-wrapping, Postal Consultancy, Response Handling and Order Fulfilment all at a competitive price whilst maintaining superior quality.
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Data Services

We increasingly find that clients spend as much time trying to prepare their data for their direct mail projects as it does to actually process the job itself. With this in mind we encourage clients to allow us to sort their data to the highest possible standard for the direct mail distribution.
This includes removing the following details prior to mailing which allows you to accurately send mail only to the correct recipients instead of wasting money on returned mail:
  • Duplicates
  • Deceased
  • Gone away – people who have moved
  • MPS – mail preference service (people who have requested to be removed from any lists)
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Postal Discounts

Worldmail work daily with downstream access mail suppliers to give you the best prices and services available which in turn can save on the overall cost of your direct mail project.
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Printing Services

Worldmail can make your project even more cost effective by arranging the direct mail printing element of the process for you. Over the years we have built excellent fulfilment - envelopes/poly-wrap relationships with printers and a design team should you require any assistance. They are able to offer a very competitive price and a superb quality end product to send on in the following areas.
  • Direct Mail Printing
  • Design Management
  • Print Management
  • Laser & Inkjet Printing
  • Print Finishing



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Our customers range from the small business to the multi-national, however each enjoys the same bespoke, account managed service provided by Worldmail. We are only happy when we deliver your chosen service and you are happy. Should you wish to enquire about our direct mail services, please let us know by filing out this form or alternatively Contact Us

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