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Ocean View Provides Transparency at High Seas

Ocean View Provides Transparency at High Seas

With the demand for updates in technology, DHL has now introduced a new system to track ocean transport.  This may be the change that many other companies will turn to in the near future.  The update is called Ocean View and will give user real-time reports on the exact locations of their shipments, even when they are in the middle of the Atlantic!


Andreas Boedeker, the Global Head of Ocean Freight at DHL Global Forwarding released this statement:

“A survey recently conducted by our Global Forwarding team confirmed again that low visibility and transparency is a major issue for customers using door-to-door ocean transport. With Ocean View we created a user-friendly application increasing visibility and thereby improving the control of the overall supply chain for our customers,”

In an extract from the original article, DHL states the following:

"Ocean View is a web based application, avoiding any need for local software installation or intensive staff trainings. Further, no additional tracking device needs to be installed on the container. However, if necessary Ocean View can be combined with DHL Ocean Secure, where security devices are fitted to containers that can monitor temperature, humidity, shock or lighting as required."

It seems like a fantastic idea, however, there may be a few issues that may arise when they roll the program out in the coming months.  We are hoping for the best though!


Read the official release from DHL here



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